Top 5 Business You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria

Top 5 Business You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria

Having passion for doing business and getting the required amount (capital) to carry out the business are two difference things entirely. Some business idea have been short lived because of the inability to get the money to set it off.

The structure of Nigeria is not palatable as there is increase in price of goods day in day out as a result lack of functional infrastructures, non-commitment on many parts and a high level of corruption has made starting a business in Nigeria very costly these days. As a result of this, money to start a business seems to be a big and extravagant problem.

If you have been looking for some business to startup with a very small capital, well let me inform you that you’re on the right place. Here in this post, we are going to show you the top 5 business you can start with a very small capital (#50,000).

Top 5 Business You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria

Most of the big business owners you see around started small with very limited startup capital. They just had to scale up with increased income or revenue. You too can do the same. It is also possible for you to start a successful business in Nigeria, start small with as low as N50, 000 and then scale up to bigger businesses or expand on the present one.
So, let’s now consider the top 5 businesses you can start with N50, 000 in Nigeria today.

1. Recharge Card Business

Recharge card business is one of the most highly proficient businesses in Nigeria with low capital.

Recharge card business is one of the most highly proficient businesses in Nigeria which you can start with less than N50, 000. All that is required to start recharge card business in Nigeria is the sum of N25 000, a few plastic chairs, a table, an umbrella and bulk recharge card of different denomination and networks.

Combining recharge card selling business with data reselling is a great way to leverage on the market. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and whatever the case may be, people will always want to make phone calls at recharge card sales points from time to time. So, it is wise to combine both businesses for higher throughput. Of course, you can use your personal mobile phone to achieve this. Any mobile phone can do this.

2. “Pure Water” Business

There is nothing like “pure water” when comes to the sachet and bottled water sold in Nigeria. But I choose to title this as it is due to the usage of the term “pure water” for sachet water sold in Nigeria. So, going by the norm, sachet and bottled water business in Nigeria is a highly lucrative business to start in Nigeria with a little startup capital of as low as N30, 000.

Requirements and tools for starting this business in Nigeria include bags of sachet or bottled water itself, a cooler/coolers, a shed/shop and where possible, a sales agent. You need a steady supply of electricity for this business to thrive well. As such you should site this business close to a steady source of public power supply or close to a cold room if you cannot get an electric power generator for a start.

3. Cloth Ironing Business

My post will be incomplete if I fail to make mention about this business. You don’t need to have an office location yet. When I was a student in the hostel, I had colleagues who ran this business from their rooms. All they had was what I just listed above. People brought clothes to then in their rooms where they ironed for them for as low as N100 per clothe.

If you iron 10 clothes per day at N100 each, that means you make at least N1000 daily. Multiply this by 30 days, you can see what you earn. But if you are hardworking and dedicated to the job, you can earn much more.

4. Sales of Phone Accessories

This include items like earpiece, headsets, chargers, phone screens, phone screen protectors, replaceable phone batteries, phone casings & pouch etc. This business can be operated best or for a start, as a mobile business. Once you can have a good management plan, a good supplier and the above requirements, you are good to go in this business. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the offer now and run with it.

5. Catfish Farming

With as low as N50, 000 you can buy a few fingerlings at N2 each, a few big drums, get fish feeds and construct a good medium-scale fish pond. This business needs a moderate supply of water, so you should be close to one as much as possible, especially where you are not sinking your own borehole.

And that’s the end of the post about Top 5 Business You Can Start With N50,000 In Nigeria. Make use of these tips and get your pocket enriched with cash. Don’t just leave the page after reading the post, subscribe to our blog by registering your email address in the subscription button and share this awesome post with your friends.

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