Seven (7) Ways to Make Money As A Student

Seven (7) Ways to Make Money As A Student

Being a student doesn’t mean you have to depend fully on your parents or guardians for all your needs. Even though you have a parent or guardian that can offer you everything you need for your academic easily, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a source of income by yourself.

Having a source of income is great, because the money you earn will be like a bonus for you when your parents or guardians are paying for the necessary things about your academics. So before you know it, your account will be laughing with cash every month which will then provide you with the opportunity to get some important things for your self.
There are a lot of Business you can do as a student while you are in school. For instance, when i was in school I owned an Office for printing and typing of document. Although it wasn’t that easy to combine it with school However, i was able to pull it through. I used to know of this guy who used to do home lesson tutorial for primary schools pupils.

According to a study, it is confirmed that there is no without any business skills and talent. If you’re yet to discover your own innate skills and talent, with time it will be revealed to you. Research has proved that doing a business that you have passion for is the best lucrative business approach.

Here in this post, we are going to provide you with best 10 lucrative business you can venture into and make cool money as a student.

Seven (7) Ways to Make Money As A Student

1. Barbing saloon/ Hair dressing business

Barbing or hairdressing is one of the most lucrative business idea i will suggest for any student. Barbing/hairdressing is a career that is inevitable. Students want to look good all the time, they want to carve their hair, they want to fix some hair and trim their hair. It doesn’t necessary mean you would have a barbing or hair dressing saloon.

All you need is to have the skill and be very good at it. Once you are good at plaiting or barbing, the rest is history. you can practice at the front of your door where people can be able to see you.

2. Make up services

A lot of students wants to learn how to do make ups perfectly. if you are good at this, you can organize a make up seminar then charge some fees for tutoring them. You can also do make up for people for some fee.

3. Baking business
Baking business is business idea most people neglect as a student but it’s very lucrative as it seems. It’s not limited to any gender, both male and female can do well in this business. All you need is to acquire the basic knowledge of baking. You can go to a catering school or meet any friend you know to teach you.

When I was in school, I learnt of a guy living an expensive life. This guy has a car, lives in a well furnished apartment and used the most expensive gadgets. I started wondering what he did to make money. I decided to get closer to him and to my big surprise he was a baker. He bakes cake, cookies,etc any thing you can think off that enters the oven.

4. Popcorn Business

As we all know that the smell of popcorn is almost unnegletable, you always stop to buy a handful whenever you perceive the pleasant smell of it. So why not venture into the business by purchasing the machine used for making popcorn and employ somebody to help you with the sales. This is a very lucrative business as a student. Once you secure a stand in your school premises, get ready to have a bank account full of cash.

5. Painting services

This requires great painting skills. Nobody wants an ill painted room. If you are very good at painting, then you are good to go. All you need is your experience, your wooden brush,white tapes and painting clothes. This is one of the cheapest business to start-up as a student and yet very lucrative.

6. Graphic Design

If you have a basic knowledge on how to use Corel draw, Photoshop and adobe illustrator, don’t waste it because yiy can be making money with. All you have to do is get yourself to purpose by doing freelance services on website like Fiverr, Upwork and These website has lots of customer base and visitors everyday. You can charge them for services rendered.

7. Blogging

I have personal experience with this business because I started doing it right from my secondary school days. Blogging is not only about getting a site owned by yourself, you can be an author that will be writing posts to a blog and still get paid.

You can make a lot of money blogging by starting a blog by yourself and monetizing it with google Adsense or other platform.

And that’s the end of the post about Seven (7) Ways to Make Money As A Student. Make use of these tips and get your pocket enriched with cash. Don’t just leave the page after reading the post, subscribe to our blog by registering your email address in the subscription button and share this awesome post with your friends.

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