Five (5) Ways to Make Money Easily As An NYSC Corp Member

Five (5) Ways to Make Money Easily As An NYSC Corp Member

Being an NYSC Corp member has always been the dream of most undergraduates in tertiary institutions with the belief that they will contribute their quota to the development of the country.

Corps members are usually posted to cities far from their city of origin which is why we think we at FlashScholars come up with the post about how to make money as an NYSC Corp member.

As we already know that thd NYSC period could be the amplest time to generate massive income for yourself if you know what to do. There are certain businesses you could venture into during the service period. Before you finish your NYSC program, you would have become an employer of labor yourself, contributing to the national economy and developing your own personal.

This article contains the Five (5) Ways To Make Money As An NYSC Corp Member. So kindly sit back and relax for the below tips about how to make money as an NYSC Corp member.

Five (5) Ways to Make Money Easily As An NYSC Corp Member

1). Start A Home Tutoring (Tutorial) Service: Do not shy away from this lucrative business which sells like hot-cake. You have gone to school – you have gathered expert knowledge, at least to an extent. So by and large, I think you have what to offer in terms of knowledge to others.

2). Start A Bakery Business: As an NYSC Youth Corp member, if you have baking skills, you could make a lot of money baking confectioneries like cakes, fish roll, and other sausages. People are somewhat scared of taking to this business due to inadequate knowledge of the market environment and how to get clients quickly, given the presence of already existent experts and veterans in this field.

3). Start A Dry Cleaning or Laundry Service: Dry cleaning business or laundry service is very lucrative. So you have to stop the thinking of looking down on the business. You can be visiting houses to get jobs at first. Once you have a lot of orders, by which time you must have gathered sufficient cash, you may consider renting a space at an affordable rate. This could be a shop or an open space. But start from where you live first. That is, start small and grow big.

4).Organize Professional Training Services: I want to belief that before embarking on your NYSC program, you should have a talent or natural skills. So You can make money by organizing training and seminars within and outside your neighborhood based on what you have known before. Entrepreneurial training is one of the biggest areas you could venture into and make a lot of money from by helping people acquire certain profitable skills for their businesses.

5). Do Research/Projects for students: You could make a whole lot of money offering student consultation services in schools where you are serving for a fee. Students want to be successful in their career, and the enlightened ones are ready to pay to get this knowledge.

Additionally, you could be helping students with their school projects which prices could range from N50, 000 per project to over N200, 000, depending on the level of tediousness and technicality involved.

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