5 Tips to Help You Build a Strong & Last Relationship

5 Tips to Help You Build a Strong & Last Relationship

Some relationship of nowadays are prone to early derail because of what most people consider most is sharing Love and Affection. According to findings, Relationship shouldn’t be based on sharing love and affection only, because if such is that case, there is chance of immediate derail of the relationship.


Here in this post, we are going to provide you with 5 authentic tips to help you build a strong and last relationship;

#1. Have regular conversations about the relationship.

Every solution begins with a dialogue. Talk to him about your needs and feelings. And encourage him to express himself to you.

Find ways to get your message across. If you have told him what you need but he still does not hear you, say it in a different way. Perhaps you need to write it down. Perhaps you need to use language that he can understand.


#2.Try to understand each other point of view.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone you’re dating and try to see the situation through the persons eyes, even if you don’t want to. Listen to what he/she is saying rather than what you think he/she is saying. Do not become offended and do not be disturbed at what he is trying to tell you.

#3. Show appreciation.

Ask yourself, When he makes the changes I want, will I be appreciative, happy, and satisfied? Or do I need to be unhappy in order to be in this relationship? If you cannot be satisfied, then either you need to be unhappy in order to avoid intimacy and you should work on your own problems, or he is not the right man and you should set him free.

#4. Invest in the relationship.

A relationship is like a bank account. The more you invest, the more it grows. So spend time together, have sex, do special favors, and prioritize each other. Ask him, “What makes you happy? What turns you on?” Nurture him according to his needs as well as yours. Just because a day at the spa or a deep discussion is a bonding experience for you, it may not necessarily be a bonding experience for him. Find out what he wants, and be sure to mutually accommodate each other.


#5.Accept Each Other.

Ask yourself, What drew me to this person? This is the person you have chosen; this is the person you love. Accept the person for who s/he is rather than who you hoped s/he would be—because if you don’t like him, there is no deal!


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Updated: April 2, 2019 — 11:26 am

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